South Korean Army Forces oversee the lighting of Christmas Lights on the DMZ last year (Source: Chosun Ilbo)

South Korean Army Forces oversee the lighting of Christmas Lights on the DMZ last year (Source: Chosun Ilbo)

North Korea is playing the part of the Grinch via the following news from Asian News International:

North Korea has warned South Korea that it faces “unexpected consequences” if it displays Christmas lights near their tense border.

The South Korean defense ministry is reportedly considering a request by a Seoul church group to put up Christmas lights on a steel tower shaped like a tree atop a military-controlled hill near the border.

The North’s official website, Uriminzokkiri, called the plan “a mean attempt for psychological warfare” against the Communist state and threatened to retaliate immediately if the lights are switched on, Fox News reports.

“The enemy warmongers should be aware that they should be held responsible entirely for any unexpected consequences that may be caused by their scheme,” the Uriminzokkiri said.

“This issue is not something to be ignored quietly,” it added.

The North had previously accused the South of displaying Christmas lights to spread Christianity among its people and soldiers.

The two nations reached a deal to halt official-level cross-border propaganda in 2004, leading to and the South stopping its annual Christmas illumination ceremony.

South Korea resumed the ceremony last December amid high military tensions with the North. (Source: ANI)

It shall be interesting to see what North Korea does as a response to this year’s actions.

It’s also worth noting how much sway South Korea’s evangelical groups appear to possess, to the point where their success at pushing the ROK government forward on DMZ Christmas lights could potentially spark a continuation of open hostilities between the North and South.

Wouldn’t that be a hilarious footnote for history books? ;-p

PS: Happy Holidays everyone. I’m glad I got a Christmas story on my beat to get a chance to wish ya’ll the best. Consider this my “Christmas Card Story” to you all. ;-p

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