ST Marine's Fearless-75 Patrol Vessel Design

ST Marine's Fearless-75 Patrol Vessel Design (Source: Defense Industry Daily)

Singapore Technologies Marine (ST Marine) , a branch of ST Engineering, has secured a contract with the Sultanate of Oman for the construction of four patrol ships. The company was selected as the winner in Oman’s Al-Ofouq patrol vessel program, with Defense News reporting that the $700 million (USD) deal will include associated logistics support for the Royal Navy of Oman. ST Marine bested a number of competitors during contract bidding, including BAE Systems, Fincantieri, Damen Schelde, and Goa Shipyard.

ST Marine will model the patrol vessels after their own indigenous Fearless-class PVs, though at an estimated length of 74 meters, these new vessels would be nearly 20 meters longer than their Singaporean sister ships. This added space will allow for  a helicopter or UAV landing pad, one of the main prerequisites of the Al-Ofouq contest.

The Republic of Singapore’s Fearless-class ships are known to field Mistral anti-aircraft missiles, one main 76 mm gun, and four 12.7 mm machine guns, with early versions of the ship carrying anti-submarine torpedoes. The Omanese ships will likely conform to a similar profile, as the RNO wishes to increase their offshore patrol capabilities. There may also be options for the RNO to add anti-ship missiles to the vessels.

Work on the ships is expected to begin immediately, with first one tabbed for delivery in the second quarter of 2015, and fourth and final delivery for the third quarter of 2016.

This patrol vessel deal, along with ST Marine’s recently announced joint venture with German/Swedish shipyard Kockums, to provide overhaul and life-cycle support for Singapore’s submarines under the banner of Fortis Marine Solutions, is helping the Republic of Singapore to become a major player in the region’s naval technology and shipbuilding.


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