I’m gonna let this one speak for itself:

I get a kick out of East Asian military portrayals and public perceptions, from the sublime wackiness of the Japanese Self Defense Force’s Prince Pickles and Miss Parsley to the ROK Navy’s Blue Paper teaching magic tricks (be sure to scroll down to catch ‘surprised cat’ and whatever’s going on in the final picture).

Perhaps the US has warped my mind into believing that all military-related propaganda should perpetuate a “Rambo”-like level of “sophistication,” or it could be that these Asian military forces find themselves in dire need of soft images, whether because of their past issues (Japan) or their current problems with hazing and bullying-related deaths (South Korea)

Regardless, if the above video was created without irony or attempt at satire, it gives this author a hearty chuckle.

Special thanks to the folks over at militaryphotos.net for posting such a wonderful video!

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