Monday Morning Reading for 01/23

Monday Morning Reading for 01/23


World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers 2005
US State Department

The US State Department released its World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers 2005 report last week with a ton of stats for you to wade through. This and future WMEAT reports will only be available online. Welcome to the future.



Review Roundtable: “No Exit: North Korea, Nuclear Weapons and International Security”
Toby Dalton, Jeffrey Lewis, Sue Terry, Sung-Yoon Lee and Jonathan D. Pollack [NBR]

A series of reviews of Jonathan D. Pollack’s new IISS Adelphi Paper. For those of us outside academia, the actual monograph itself will be far too expensive pick up ourselves, so this review is possibly the next best thing.

Some other good articles on the North Korea leadership transition were released last week: Peter Drysdale’s North Korean Realities at East Asia Forum and CFR’s interview with Scott A. Snyder.



South Korea’s Policy Toward China After President Lee’s Visit
Jaeho Hwang [CSIS]

Hwang gives brief overview of the recent Sino-Korean relationship and uses it to suggest that the Lee Myung-bak’s talk of a strategic cooperative relationship with China is premature.



Annual Japanese polls on views toward the U.S. out of sync
William Brooks [APP]

It’s somewhat common to pour over the details of public opinion polls on the US-Japan relationship for signs of strength or cracks, but William Brooks does just this with the Cabinet opinion poll and the recent Yomiuri-Gallup poll. What he finds is a disjuncture between the two. It makes for an interesting read as he tries to shine light on the differences.



Start your week off with a Hu Jintao serenade: [via FP Passport]

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Monday Morning Reading for 01/16

Monday Morning Reading for 01/16

Start your week with ASW's Monday Morning Reading, with some of the more in-depth articles we came across to keep you going throughout your working week.


Links for 1/13/12

  * Time for the U.S. Marines to vacate Okinawa? * North Korea’s MiG-29 fleet * Burma, Thailand agree to stronger military ties * Thailand, U.S., South Korea, Malaysia Japan, Singapore to participate in Cobra Gold 2012 * U.S. maritime patrol aircraft in Philippines exercises


Links for 1/9/12

  * Israeli Defense Industries sells $1.1 billion USD to unidentified Asian customer * Philippines to boost air, naval forces * Assessing Indonesia’s defense industry * Project “Diving Dragon”: Taiwan and submarines * Vietnam hopes to be UXO-free in 100 years


Link: CFR – “The Pentagon Pivots to Asia”

Associate staff writer Jonathan Masters at the Council of Foreign Relations discusses the US shift towards Asia:

Many observers see the shift toward the Asia-Pacific region as a natural, if long overdue, transition for the United States as it draws down in Iraq and Afghanistan. CFR President Richard N. Haass says the U.S. “rediscovery” of East Asia and the Pacific is a welcome development after Washington’s long preoccupation with the Middle East. On, Patrick M. Cronin says, thus far, China has taken advantage of a light U.S. military footprint in the region. A failure to address the imbalance directly, coupled with U.S. military cuts exceeding Pentagon recommendations, “will accelerate China’s relative rise,” he cautions.

But critics suggest the U.S. move toward Asia could reinforce China’s fear of encirclement and prompt further militarization of an already unstable region. Writing in The Hill, Gen. Stephen A. Cheney and Joshua Foust of the American Security Project say the “the prospect of a major conflict with China is remote, and assuming one is inevitable poses the danger of becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy.”

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Links for 1/6/12

  * CFR: The Pentagon Pivots to Asia * Japan, India “Asia’s Natural Born-Allies” * Chinese, Burmese ships attacked on Mekong River * Kidnappings of locals, foreigners in Philippines reflect collapse of law and order *  Antiterrorism training in Vladivostok


Links for 1/2/12

* Former F-14 aviator, Libya air ops head picked to head U.S. PACOM * Report: China may overtake U.S. mil power by 2050 * Feng: The year that was and the year that is coming for the PLAAF * Profile of supreme commander of Thai military, Thanasak Patimaprakorn * Australia, struggling to fill ranks, seeks laid-off...


Links for 12/30/11

  * New tracked Chinese IFV spotted * Taiwan to end conscription in 2013 * Bill Sweetman on F-35 proponents * Indonesia to purchase 6 Su-30 fighter jets from Russia * North Korean giant spotted at Kim Jong-il funeral


Links for 12/27/11

  * South Korea to purchase French spy aircraft * Opinion: “Build Japan-India naval ties” * China’s Cyber Command * Taiwan retiring two patrol ships * Malaysia, China to advance military ties


Links for 12/23/11

  * Varyag, flagship of the Russian Fleet, on exercise off coast of Petrapavlosk * As China asserts presence in South China Sea, Philippines seeks F-16s from U.S. * Will South Korea follow Japan in F-35 acquisition? * 2012: A big year for the PLAN * Thailand, India to increase defense cooperation